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VXRoutes Wholesale Service

Committed wholesale traffic capacity with adjustable quantity. VXRoutes platform provides a controllable way for the expense, "pay as you need" for your traffic capacity, you do not have to invest huge money to start up your business.

VXRoutes Retail Service

Turn-key services for your calling card business, including comprehensive revenue reports to master all the traffic trends, providing all the alerts and routing status to maximize your revenue. 7 x 24 Dashboard monitors all ASR, ACD, NER and PDD records with all your providers.

Sales Channel Management

The VXRoutes services provide the telecom service operator tools to manage a multi-level distribution / sales channels for their retail services. These sales outlets can include call shops, web portal with softphone and distributors/sales agents handling prepaid calling cards

Why Managed Service?

Outsourcing your technology with hosted VoIP services can provide significant benefit to your bottom-line. By contracting VoIP services you can reduce your man-power for network engineering service, avoid a capital expenditure. A sudden change in your traffic situation can be accommodated quickly with no capital expense or anxious waiting for the expected traffic to materialize. Outsourcing also provides you a service partner that has the expertise, experience and equipment to manage the technical aspects of service delivery permitting you to focus on your business.

VXRoutes Your Service Partner

VXRoutes is your best choice for a service partner who can help you overcome the challenges and take advantage of the new opportunities in the telecom market. Developed and supported by a team of telecommunications professionals with extensive experience in the TSO environment, VXRoutes is ready to meet the most demanding requirements to support our customers.


  • Different VoIP Interfaces
  • H323
  • SIP
  • Real-time Billing
  • Currency per Charge Plan
  • Charge Calculation
  • Postpaid Service
  • Prepaid Service
  • Provider Charge Calculation
  • Campaign Package
  • Invoicing
  • Payment & Top-up
  • IVR Callflow
  • Advanced Callflow
  • Standard IVR Callflow
  • Intelligent Routing Algorithm
  • Number Manipulation
  • Alarm & Alert
  • Agent Portal
  • Dashboard
  • Reports

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