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VXRoutes Services

Wholesale Services

Wholesale business is a highly competitive business with thin margins. The right tools are important for your success. VXRoutes wholesale services provide a number of features designed to improve your bottom line by maximizing profit while reducing costs. The VXRoutes intelligent routing engine provides a comprehensive set of standard routing options as well as an innovative Business Logic Routing (BLR) algorithm. The BLR is specifically designed to proactively measure the metrics of your routes and dynamically response to changes in the performance of routes. This permits the BLR to indentify the best route (lowest cost, adequate quality) that meets your business requirement at the time of route selection. The Dash Board provides a user configurable view of the information that is important to you and keeps it up to date for an immediate understanding of the business situation. Proactive fault management and event notifications provide near real-time alerts to help telecom service operators minimize the impact of unexpected events.

Retail Services (Prepaid/Postpaid/Calling Card)

Retail service has become more and more popular locally and internationally. Telecom service providers have invested significant effort into attracting and retaining customers and expanding their business through the offering of retail service. The VXRoutes platform is used by providers around the world to develop successful businesses in the rapidly changing market by offering retail services to their customers. An extensive set of charging options as well as support for calling cards and other valued added services provides not only the standard set of retail services but additional revenue generating services as well.

Value Added Services (International Call Back /Call Forwarding)

International Call Back (ConnectMe) and Call Forwarding (FollowMe) services allow users to enjoy low-cost international calls with fixed lines or mobile phones outside their home countries. The mechanism behind the services is similar and they can be act as value-added service and marketing promotion features to attract new users and decrease churn.

Sales Channel Management (Call Shop/Softphone/Web Portal/Calling Card)

The VXRoutes services provide the telecom service operator tools to manage a multi-level distribution / sales channels for their retail services. These sales outlets can include call shops, web portal with softphone and distributors/sales agents handling prepaid calling cards

Agent Portal

Unifying the sales channel management, VXRoutes provides Agent portals for multiple levels in the distribution channel. These levels include, Distributor, Sales and Agent, each level can assign a range of accounts with credit to be applied from the top level downwards. Together with reports and management tools, agent portal can provide the complete view of the sales cycle and forecasting for all sales channels at a glance.

Retail Logistics

VXRoutes provides a logistics application that provides the telecom service operators tools to manage a complete range of activities related to the, allocation, activation and tracking of pre-paid retail services including calling cards.

Campaign Package

In order to attract new customers, keep the existing ones and effective compete (or respond to competition), it is advantageous to periodically run sales campaigns. The VXRoutes service provides the tools necessary to easily and effectively implement sales campaigns. Campaign packages could flexibly apply for any period of day and day of week or for specific area codes. The VXRoutes service can also limit the max concurrent calls to access the area code for budgetary control. Scheduled start and end dates for campaigns are provided and an alert is sent to the administrator when the campaign is expired. Administrator can then make an immediate decision to extend the campaign or provide new campaign package based on the market trends and the result of the current campaigns.



  • Different VoIP Interfaces
  • H323
  • SIP
  • Real-time Billing
  • Currency per Charge Plan
  • Charge Calculation
  • Postpaid Service
  • Prepaid Service
  • Provider Charge Calculation
  • Campaign Package
  • Invoicing
  • Payment & Top-up
  • IVR Callflow
  • Advanced Callflow
  • Standard IVR Callflow
  • Intelligent Routing Algorithm
  • Number Manipulation
  • Alarm & Alert
  • Agent Portal
  • Dashboard
  • Reports

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