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VXRoutes Wholesale Service

Committed wholesale traffic capacity with adjustable quantity. VXRoutes platform provides a controllable way for the expense, "pay as you need" for your traffic capacity, you do not have to invest huge money to start up your business.

VXRoutes Retail Service

Turn-key services for your calling card business, including comprehensive revenue reports to master all the traffic trends, providing all the alerts and routing status to maximize your revenue. 7 x 24 Dashboard monitors all ASR, ACD, NER and PDD records with all your providers.

Sales Channel Management

The VXRoutes services provide the telecom service operator tools to manage a multi-level distribution / sales channels for their retail services. These sales outlets can include call shops, web portal with softphone and distributors/sales agents handling prepaid calling cards

Reliable & Secure, Around the Clock Support

Our equipment is located in a secure data center environment providing 99.999% up-time with connections to multiple carriers. Your service is running in a dedicated machine providing a higher level of isolation than a partitioned, shared service offering. With a team of telecom specialist maintaining your service twenty-four / seven, we are there full-time to ensure the smooth operation of service for your customers.

Intelligent Routing

Optimum routing decisions can significantly improve your bottom-line and perceived level of service by your customers. The VXRoutes routing engine is one of the most advanced available today. Providing routing based on a number of key performance indicators which include, ASR, ACD, and PDD as well as fixed percentage and priority routing, time based routing and business criteria routing such as minimum profit level. Route metrics are measured in near real-time giving an up to date picture of the performance of your routes. Business Logic Routing (BLR) uses the route metrics to ensure that the least cost route is chosen when the traffic arrives reducing your cost to handle the call. Equally important, your minimum profit requirements can be considered when selecting a route ensuring that you are not unknowingly carrying traffic at a loss.

Business Intelligence

An accurate, up to the minute understanding of your position is essential for a successful business. VXRoutes provides the information you need to react quickly to situations that may arise as well as to see the trends that may impact your future business.

The Dashboard

Running in your web browser, the Dashboard provides a user configurable graphical view of the operation as well as the dollars for a near real-time understanding of the business. Some key information available on the Dashboard includes:


A wider and more detailed understanding of the business can be obtained from the reporting system provided by VXRoutes. VXRoutes provides a comprehensive set of information reports to help you review your business. Reports can be generated automatically on a configurable schedule or requested ad-hoc as required. Report templates may be modified by the system administrator to focus on specific issues as required. Reports are available in PDF and CSV formats providing direct use of information in MS Excel.
  • Number of Concurrent call per
  • Per provider Concurrent call
  • Per provider/Area Code Concurrent call
  • Per Branding Concurrent call
  • Per Branding /Area Code Concurrent call
  • Revenue
  • Revenue Per Branding
  • Revenue Per Branding/Area Code
  • Revenue Per Account

Reports Include:

Billing Reports:

  • Profit Report
  • Revenue Report
  • Cost Report
  • Payment / Adjustment Report
  • Account Summary
  • Card Lot/Card Brand

QoS Reports:

  • ASR Report
  • ACD Report
  • NER Report
  • PPD Report
  • Date Info
  • IVR Info
  • Client Info

Ease of Use (Advanced Graphical User Interface)

VXRoutes provides a web browser based user interface that is both comprehensive and easy to use. Wizards are provided for routine operations tasks making the service easy to learn and easy to use. The wizards guide the user, step-by-step through the necessary inputs and provide a final review before the change is committed This reduces the time it takes to become proficient using the service as well as reducing the potential for errors when using the user interface.



  • Different VoIP Interfaces
  • H323
  • SIP
  • Real-time Billing
  • Currency per Charge Plan
  • Charge Calculation
  • Postpaid Service
  • Prepaid Service
  • Provider Charge Calculation
  • Campaign Package
  • Invoicing
  • Payment & Top-up
  • IVR Callflow
  • Advanced Callflow
  • Standard IVR Callflow
  • Intelligent Routing Algorithm
  • Number Manipulation
  • Alarm & Alert
  • Agent Portal
  • Dashboard
  • Reports

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